About Us

Quality high-end and specialised commercial, retail and industrial cleaning services

HT Services is a private, Australian owned commercial cleaning company with an extensive and diverse national portfolio that understands every contract dictates a unique scope and set of requirements.


With service agreements alongside each of the worlds major commercial real estate companies and sophisticated investment groups, HT Services deliver versatile, reliable and efficient cleaning solutions for any contract.


Ensuring every aspect of your project requirements are met, no matter how large or small, is a testament to our meticulous work ethic, high-standard of service and proven capacity to deliver. 
All the while upholding a commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness through the early adoption and application of innovative cleaning technology and techniques.


At HT Services we pride ourselves on the implementation of thorough and specific staff training procedures that ensure the highest quality outcome for our clients. We are abundantly aware that we are only as good as our staff and therefore have created a unique company structure that facilitates staff supervision and support that goes beyond the industry standard.  


The resulting customer satisfaction is the foundation of not only our continued growth but equally important, the consolidation and expansion of existing contracts.  

You can be assured of our attention to detail across all disciplines, our commitment to your objectives at all levels and our ability to make expectation and delivery align.


"HT Services are currently contracted for the cleaning services at several shopping centres, HT Services have continually met the requirements outlined to them, delivering their services to the highest standard. HT Services offer a high level of supervision to their cleaning staff and site inspections at our centres and the positive impact of this is evident. The Area Managers are in constant communication with us, their reporting systems are flawless and they respond to calls and emails quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend HT Services to any other Property Management Company or Owner."