Industrial Cleaning

A fully integrated and dedicated cleaning solution is available for every Industrial, Transportation and Warehousing scenario.

Working with your Facilities team, your scope of works and our senior management team we will put in place a schedule that addresses each of your identified KPI’s and meets all of your Facility objectives.

Where recovery, segregation and monitoring are key elements of a manufacturing process you can rely on HT Services to assist directly and through our preferred supplier chains as we address each and every site specific need.

HT Services is fully inclusive with regard to the integration of environmentally sound work practices and is committed to being an Industry Leader in terms of identifying, early adoption and then implementation of world best technology, tooling and technique.

Each of our commercial partners are considered to be leaders in these areas and as such each is charged with upholding and further enhancing our reputation through sourcing, recommendation and trailing of new to market technology as we continue to evolve our practices.

HT Services meets all statutory requirements and maintains full compliance across all Industry sectors.